Please use Chrome for compatibility with the scholarship application system.

To apply for scholarships, applicants must be admitted to Schoolcraft College and have a Schoolcraft College student Id number. Please visit www.schoolcraft.edu/admissions/apply-now to apply for admission.

Please sign in using your Schoolcraft College ID Number and password.
Schoolcraft College User Name = first initial of your first name (lower case) followed by your 7-digit student number
Password = (if you have never changed your SCmail password) is your full first name with the first letter uppercase followed by your 7-digit student number. Example password: Michael0123456 (not Mike0123456)
This is not the same login information as WebAdvisor.

  • Submit your general application profile ONCE per academic year to be considered for scholarships.
  • Some scholarships require additional information. Review any scholarship opportunities that require additional steps after submitting the general application profile.
  • Some scholarships may require that a student has completed the current year FAFSA


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