Foundation - Karl & Mary Jane Kelly Memorial Scholarship Fund

Karl and MaryJane Kelly were a loving couple married 63 years. Karl was a Mechanical Engineer who enjoyed a long and successful career in the industry. MaryJane, a wife and mother, was also a talented amateur painter and sculptor, as well a musician. Their love of education and life-long learning is the motivation for this memorial scholarship, along with the desire to honor their lives by assisting future generations to achieve their goals and hopefully enjoy life to its fullest, just as MaryJane and Karl.

Preference given to students studying Industrial arts or manufacturing; secondary consideration given to students in other arts programs such as (but not limited to) graphic arts, music, performing arts, etc.
GPA of 2.5 or higher
• Half-time enrollment (6 credits or more) or in certificate program
• Awards include tuition, fees, books or other educational expenses

Up to $250 / Semester